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Champion Detailing is renowned as one of the top-rated auto detailers in Mustang, OK. Our professional services are brought directly to you, featuring a comprehensive range of detailing services. 

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Providing a Champion Car Cleaning Service

Our priority is to deliver the highest quality possible to your vehicle. Scheduling and receiving a detail for your vehicle should be easy. With this principle in mind, we focus on simplifying the booking, ensuring it becomes one of the easiest tasks on your busy schedule. Click “Start Your Quote” for a seamless 24/7 booking experience.

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The Champion Detailing Process In 3 Easy Steps

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Book online or over the phone and receive updates about your appointment.

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We arrive to inspect & detail your vehicle with top-rated products and tools.

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We ensure you are fully satisfied with the service & collect payment.

Interior Detail

The Interior of your vehicle is Detailed to perfection. Starting at $149.99
Interior Detail

Full Detail Inside & Out

Our most popular service! Your vehicle is detailed from top to bottom, inside and outside.
Starting at $199.99
Full Detail

Exterior Detail

The Interior of your vehicle is Detailed to perfection. Starting at $64.99
Wash & Wax

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Mobile Auto Detailing Mustang Oklahoma

 We'll take meticulous care of every vehicle we hand in, we aim to provide an exceptional experience for you. If you have any questions, feel free to call or text us, allowing us to streamline the detailing process for you.

Complete Detail

We take every detail to the highest degree possible, both interior and exterior. Your ride will receive exceptional treatment, ensuring excellence from the interior to the exterior.

Convenience at Your Doorstep

Our fully-equipped detailing vehicle brings mobile car detailing service directly to you, anywhere in Mustang, OK

Mustang Believes in Us for Car Cleaning Needs

We understand that detailing is a luxury service that way we are devoted to delivering the highest level of service for your vehicle. Whether it’s a dirty mom van or a grimy work truck, we have the expertise to assist with all types of vehicles. Whether it's a dirty mom van or a grimy work truck, we have the experience and expertise to take care of it for you. We do all this while making the entire process easy and hassle-free.

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Servicing The Mustang Area - At Your Home, Apartment, Or Office Location

We are a fully equipped mobile Detailing Company. This makes it so we can travel to your location for the details. We bring water and power with us so that we don't need anything besides the vehicle keys. This also makes it so we can detail your vehicle at your home, apartment, or workplace.

Mobile Auto Detailing FAQ

These are some of the most popular questions that we get.

Are Your Detailing Products Safe for all Types of Vehicles?

Yes, Our detailing products are specifically chosen to ensure they are safe for use on all types of vehicles, including different makes and models.

Can I Schedule a Recurring Detailing Service?

We offer recurring detailing called Maintenance Detail. This package helps to maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness regularly. Contact us to discuss a schedule that suits your needs.

Do You Accept Card Payments or Only Cash?

We accept both card and cash payments. We are registered with the state and have everything needed to take card payments.

Do You Offer Gift Certificates for Your Services?

Yes, We provide gift certificates for our services. It's a great way to treat a friend or loved one to a sparkling clean car.

Do You Offer Fleet Detailing Services?

Yes, We provide fleet detailing services for businesses with multiple fleet vehicles. For fleet detail, there is specialized pricing depending on the amount of vehicles that are being serviced.

How Do I Scheduled A Appointment?

There are 3 ways that we use to take appointments. The Most popular one is our online form, it's a simple process that lets you choose your own time and day for the appointment. The second option is to contact us at (405) 898-7447 and be walked through the scheduling process. If neither of those work for you, you can fill out an online form and we can contact you back.

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